Vegan Main Course Options For A Cookout

When most people think of barbecues, they think of cooking burgers and hot dogs out on the grill. This meat-centric mentality may make it seem like a barbecue or cookout main course isn't a very vegan-friendly option if you are entertaining a large group of people with varying dietary needs. Fortunately, this line of thinking isn't correct. There are plenty of vegan options for a backyard barbecue main course. The following will introduce you to a few of them.


Jackfruit is a large fruit that has a pulp that has very little flavor of its own. What it is prized for is its texture, which is very similar to pulled pork. When mixed with a vegan barbecue sauce, it can be difficult to tell it apart from similar animal-based dishes. If a barbecue to you means slow-roasted pork simmered in a tangy sauce, then jackfruit is a great vegan-friendly alternative for those guests choosing to forgo meat. You can buy an entire jackfruit, or you can purchase canned versions that are ready to heat and serve.


Seitan is made from vital wheat gluten. Much like jackfruit, seitan doesn't have its own flavor. Instead, it is flavored by being simmered in broth and seasonings during the initial preparation process. It has a texture similar to cooked chicken or a tender steak. You can buy seitan products that mimic everything from ribs to chicken cutlets or hot dogs and bratwursts. Even better, these items are grill-ready -- you can cook them just like you would do their meat alternatives. Many of these products are flavored so well that your omnivore guests may not even realize that they grabbed the vegan sausage instead.

Vegan Burgers

The vegan burger has come a long way. While there are still the traditional bean-based patties, and many of these are very good, there are now products that better imitate the mouthfeel and flavor of a traditional beef burger. For example, Beyond Meat plant-based burger patties are made from plant-based foods, such as mung beans and rice, to provide a complete protein. Beets are used to give the patties a meat-like color, and plant-based oils provide the marbling one expects in a burger. Vegans burgers grill up and taste just as good, if not better, than a traditional burger. Adding a few vegan burgers to the grill will ensure everyone enjoys the menu at your cookout. Reach out to a supplier such as Vegans 4 Life to learn more.

Once you have the main course decided, then the sides are easy. Vegetable trays, sliced melons, and salads made with vegan dressings can round out the menu so your event is sure to please everyone.