5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

Food is the soul of a wedding ceremony. One must be prepared to invest in the wedding reception and engage a professional caterer. Consider asking the following questions when hiring a wedding caterer.  

Is the Caterer Available? 

Start the engagement by sharing your wedding dates with the caterer and asking if they would be available on your special day. In addition, find out how many other weddings the caterer may be facilitating on a material day. It is advisable to engage a caterer who handles one event per day. This way, you will have more guarantees of getting personalized services for a memorable experience. 

Does the Caterer Have Adequate Skills and Experience? 

The best wedding caterer should have the necessary skills and experience. In this case, establish whether the service provider has relevant training and certification in catering. Then, ask about their experience. How many weddings have the caterer attended to in the past? Does the caterer have the capacity to serve a big ceremony? In addition, ask for a business portfolio with photos from past wedding receptions. Since you cannot rely on explanations, seek at least three referrals. This way, you will contact the referee to inquire about their experience working with the wedding caterer. Do not forget to ask about the catering staff and servers' training and experience.

What Meals Services can the Caterer Provide? 

The ideal wedding caterer will provide you with a broad menu of food and beverages. Thus, you will have more options and flexibility when selecting the desired meals. Notably, the caterer should provide professional advice to make your selection process smooth. In addition to the meals, the caterer should offer a variety of wedding reception styles. For instance, you should have the opportunity to select a traditional plated dinner, buffet, or cocktail reception plan. Also, the wedding caterer should accommodate special dietary requests for vegetarians and guests with food allergies. Significantly, find out whether the caterer will prepare the meals off-site or at the wedding reception venue. 

Does the Caterer Have Licenses, Permits, and Insurance? 

The wedding caterer must provide a state license to offer catering services. A business license guarantees you are engaging a legal entity capable of entering into contractual obligations. Then, check whether the caterer has health and liquor permits to handle food and alcoholic beverages. Importantly, find out if the wedding caterer has adequate commercial liability insurance. An insured service provider protects you from legal liabilities arising from injuries and damages sustained by third parties during the engagement. 

Can the Caterer offer Tastings? 

A food tasting creates an opportunity to seal the deal. Having confirmed that the service provider ticks all the other boxes, you will need a menu tasting to avoid possible surprises. During the food tasting, you can check out the food presentation and portion sizes. Notably, the tasting will allow you to analyze the quality and flavor of the food. Do not forget to inquire whether there is tasting for the wedding cake. Lastly, ask whether you should expect a difference between what the caterer serves during the tasting and reception.

Ultimately, selecting a wedding caterer is not a straightforward process. Thus, do not fear asking the listed questions if you want a fulfilling catering contract.   

For more information on wedding catering, contact a professional near you.