Creative Ideas For Your Gelato Pints

If you own or run a gelato shop, then a great way to increase revenue is to try selling your gelato in pints, rather than just in bowls—similar to Palazzolo's Artisan Dairy. Many customers will enjoy taking a pint of gelato home to enjoy later. Some will also buy the pints to share with a friend or two just outside the shop—perhaps at a nearby park or community center. But you don't just have to sell basic pints filled with single flavors of gelato. Here are some creative ideas for crafting your pints.

Make layers.

The great thing about gelato is that so many of the classic flavors pair well together. For example, chocolate and hazelnut gelato combine well. You could also create a lovely pairing with lemon and raspberry. You can allow guests to enjoy these wonderful combinations by layering the gelato inside the pints. For instance, you could deposit a layer of raspberry, then a layer of lemon, and then another layer of raspberry.

Other great flavor combinations to layer together include:

  • Pistachio and vanilla
  • Mint and chocolate
  • Strawberry and chocolate
  • Caramel and vanilla

Top it with chocolate chips.

Chocolate chips go well with so many different gelato flavors. If you were to serve the gelato in a bowl, you could easily sprinkle some chocolate chips over it. So why not do the same with a gelato pint? Leave about a half inch of space at the top container after filling it, and then fill that space with miniature chocolate chips. You can do this with chocolate, vanilla, mint, raspberry, caramel, and hazelnut gelato, along with plenty of other flavors. If you really want to get creative, buy some white chocolate chips to use in this way.

Sell them with biscotti.

It's popular in Italy to enjoy gelato alongside biscotti. So, customers will appreciate being able to buy a pint of gelato and a biscotti together. You may even want to include two biscotti with every pint of gelato so that your purchaser can share it with a friend. There are two possible approaches here, price-wise. You can increase your prices a little and include biscotti with every gelato. Or, you could charge a slightly higher price if someone wants biscotti with their pint.

Selling gelato by the pint is a great way to attract more customers and serve their needs. With the ideas above, you'll have plenty of people smiling as they make their purchases.