Your Reception — Light Fare That Is Prepared by a Catering Team

If you plan on serving reception food that will be light and nutritious and plan on leaving the food preparation and serving strategies up to a wedding catering team, consider the following suggestions. A charcuterie board, a healthy buns and bagels station, and a hearty salad bar can be used to fill your guests up, plus provide them with many options to choose from.

Catering Essentials

Before you hire a caterer, check with the wedding venue owner who will be overseeing the preparations for your ceremony and reception. A venue owner may feature an 'in-house' caterer. If not, they may have a list of preferred caterers who they suggest their clients choose from.

If there are no restrictions involved with the catering team selection process, you should begin interviewing caterers who will be able to prepare light meal options for your guests. Light meal options work well for receptions that will take place early in the day. They are also suited for events that will promote a relaxed vibe.


A charcuterie board will allow your guests to pick and choose from an assortment of meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits, and vegetable slices. You can essentially add any type of food item to a board. A caterer can use hot and cold food items to create a custom board.

They can also make two or more distinct boards that each feature a hot or cold food type that is symbolic of a particular culture. Small appetizers that will be spread across a board can use toothpicks to secure the pieces of food that are designed to be grouped together. Labels or a menu can be used to inform your guests of the food options that are featured on each board.

Buns, Bagels, And Salad

Homemade buns and bagels can be used to create a bread station that contains marmalade, fruit spreads, fresh fruits, butter, and other delicious toppings. This type of food layout can be featured right by a salad station. Instead of choosing salad items that are pretty standard, ask your caterer to add some specialty meats or exotic fruits and vegetables to the layout.

A salad that contains a variety of fruits, vegetables, and meats will be satisfying, plus will complement the savory components that are displayed on the bread table. Speak to your head caterer about the dinnerware that you would like to provide your guests with. Fancy tea plates and full-sized dinner plates can be offered at each station where food will be served.