Healthy Dairy Options For Vegetarian Bodybuilders

One of the biggest challenges for vegetarian bodybuilders is the difficulty in finding good sources of protein. Many bodybuilding guides focus on food that is not suited to the vegetarian lifestyle. Things such as lean beef and chicken are often the main food for bodybuilders. Howe ever, there are some really great sources of vegetarian protein, many of which are dairy. This list is designed for people who follow a vegetarian diet and who are also looking to eat adequate protein.

Organic Cage Free Eggs and Egg Whites

Eggs are one of the best sources of protein. They are so popular that even non-vegetarians have them as part of a staple bodybuilding diet. You have two options when buying healthy eggs. You can choose to buy organic cage free eggs, or you can opt for just egg whites. The benefit to eating whole eggs is that they taste a bit better, and you also get the fat from the yolk. While fat is often times considered a bad thing, your body actually needs healthy fats. 

However, many people are concerned with eating too many egg yolks and will instead opt for egg whites. It used to be hard to find healthy egg whites, but now many egg producers are making egg whites from organic cage free eggs, so that is a great option to investigate. 

Milk From Grass Fed Cows

Milk is another great source of protein in the dairy family. You can drink it plain, or use it with protein powders, or add it to your oats. The most important thing you will want to do is focus on buying milk that comes from cows that are fed a grass diet . Grass fed beef is already a staple food for health conscious bodybuilders because grass fed animals are healthier than those fed grain. The same logic holds true for the milk from grass fed cows. 

Organic Dairy Powder

Finally, if you are not keen on buying fresh milk, but you would still like the protein power that comes from dairy, you should consider an organic dairy powder. When you buy a organic dairy ingredients and powder, you get several advantages over fresh milk. First, it is often times much cheaper. Second, it lasts longer and does not need to be refrigerated. This is great for people who have limited space. You can keep several containers of organic dairy powder and use these to make protein packed shakes and other dishes year round.