Things You Can Make With Juice Concentrate And Puree

If you've been given the opportunity to order from a juice concentrate supplier, you might be wondering what kinds of things you could make from the juice concentrate and puree. While you can certainly make juice from those things, there are many other options for the creative uses of these products. Here's a look at some of the other things that you can make from juice concentrate and juice puree.

Jellies & Jams

Homemade jellies are made from fruit juice with sugar and pectin. They are fairly simple to make and can be preserved either in the freezer or shelf-stable through a water bath canning process. Jellies have a fairly short processing time to make them shelf-stable, so it's worth the time and investment if you want to have homemade jellies available all year.

Jams, on the other hand, are usually made from pureed fruit. If you can get fruit puree concentrates from a supplier in bulk, you can make large batches of fruit jams with sugar and pectin. Like the jellies, these can be preserved in the freezer or can be water bath canned for shelf storage.

You can make jellies and jams from virtually any kind of fruit juice concentrate or puree, but you'll want to be sure that you check the acidity level with your local extension office if you plan to can them. Some fruits may require the addition of lemon juice with the fruit juice or puree to ensure their shelf stability.

Frozen Treats

For those with children, or those who contribute to local children's activities and groups, fruit juice concentrate and fruit puree are a great investment for making frozen treats. You can make freezer pops, slushie cups, and all sorts of different treats for kids from these products. You can even buy the reusable tubes that can be used to make these pops if you want to reduce the waste produced in the process.

Sauces And Spreads

One of the things that many people overlook when it comes to uses for juice concentrates and purees is the more savory applications. Fruits have been used in savory dishes for generations, and for good reason.

You can make a variety of barbecue sauces, meat marinades, and glazes from juice concentrate or puree. These are already cooked down to concentrated flavors, saving you some of the simmering time required for these types of dishes.

These are a few of the many uses for purees and juice concentrate. If you have the opportunity to work with a juice concentrate supplier, consider these applications and take advantage of that relationship.