The Fundamentals Of Making Homemade Strawberry-Kiwi Jam

If you're a fan of strawberry jam, you're probably used to the commercial products that you find in grocery stores and such. For those who want a real experience, you should consider making your own fresh strawberry jam because you can not only sell homemade jams, but you can also adapt the flavor to anything you want it to be. Strawberry-kiwi jam is a popular mixture, and it's easy to make in your own home kitchen.

Start With Fresh Strawberries

Strawberry-kiwi jam should always start with fresh strawberries. Opt for strawberries that are as fresh as you can get them. This is important for ensuring a safe and high-quality final product. You'll want about 2 pounds of strawberries for each batch of jam, and each batch will make roughly 6 half-pint jars of jam. 

Hull the strawberries, remove any bad spots, and slice the strawberries in half. Then, put some of the strawberry halves in a large bowl in a single layer. Using a potato masher or something similar, crush the layer of berries. Once the first layer is crushed, add another layer of berries and crush those, too. Repeat the process until you've crushed all of the berry halves. 

Once all of the berries are crushed, measure out 3 cups of the crushed berries and put them into a deep, non-reactive pot. Non-reactive pots include stainless steel, non-stick, and enameled cast iron. Choose a deep pot because the jelly mixture will expand significantly while it's cooking.

Add The Kiwi

For each batch of strawberry-kiwi jam, you'll want 3 fresh kiwis. Peel and chop each kiwi, then add them to the pot as well. With 3 kiwis per batch, you'll get the fresh strawberry flavor with a balance of kiwi that complements the jam but doesn't overpower the strawberry.

Incorporate The Rest Of The Ingredients

Add a tablespoon of bottled lemon juice and a package of powdered pectin to the mixture in the pot. Heat it on medium-high heat until it comes to a boil. Stir the mixture frequently as it comes to a boil, then stir in 5 cups of sugar. Keep stirring non-stop while it returns to a boil, and keep it at a rolling boil for at least one minute. 

Fill And Process Your Jars

Wash six half-pint canning jars and keep them hot while the jelly cooks. Then, fill each of those hot jars with the jelly mixture. Leave about a half-inch of headspace in the jar. Wipe each rim to ensure that the jar rims are clean, then add lids and bands. Process the jars in a boiling water bath for ten minutes. Remove them to a towel on the counter and let them sit undisturbed for at least 12 hours. Once the jars are sealed, you can remove the bands or label them for sale.

Fresh strawberry-kiwi jam has a vibrant flavor that you just can't get from the mixtures made in commercial facilities. Try this recipe to see if it meets your needs.

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