Setting Up a “Starter Bar” in Your Small Restaurant

If you own a small restaurant and have recently obtained your liquor license, you might feel overwhelmed at the task of now having to outfit the bar with a lot of equipment and ingredients. While having a fully stocked bar is a great thing to aspire to, you don't have to dive in overnight. Consider setting up a "starter bar" with just the basics. You can operate this smaller bar as your customers become accustomed to you offering drinks and while you make bigger plans for your full bar down the road. Read More 

How To Make A Vegan Version Of Jollof Rice

If you've ever eaten at a restaurant that serves West African cuisine, then you know how delicious jollof rice is. This rice is a staple at meals in countries such as Liberia, Ghana, Senegal and Nigeria. If you are not near an African restaurant, then you can make this delicious rice at home. This recipe is aimed at vegans. Therefore, the traditional chicken stock will be swapped out with vegetable stock. Read More 

Summer Ice Cream With A Personal Flair

With dozens of flavors available and more coming all the time, flavored syrups are a staple at almost every coffee shop in the country. While they're ideal for creating the perfect caramel latte or iced mocha, flavored syrups are good for more than just creating coffee drinks. Their intense flavor and reliable delivery method are ideal for flavoring hundreds of artisan ice cream flavors.   Ice cream is a perennial favorite of adults and children alike. Read More 

3 Ways Cocoa Beans Can Improve The Health Of You And Your Customers

The cocoa bean is considered a super-food, as it provides many benefits to your and your customer's health with its more than 300 healthful compounds. Cocoa beans can be eaten in their whole form either fermented or roasted, or they can be eaten after they are chopped into cocoa nibs. Here are some of the health benefits you and your customers can expect from these small, brown beans. Improve Your Mood Read More 

How To Make A Traditional New Orleans Muffuletta Sandwich

If you are a fan of sandwiches, but are tired of the same old usual combinations, try a muffuletta. A muffuletta sandwich hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. Sicilian immigrants to the area created this culinary delight, using muffuletta bread. Cured meats, cheese, and a marinated olive relish are the hallmarks of this flavorful sandwich. Here's everything you need to know to create this wonderful sandwich at home.  The Bread Muffuletta is the name of both the bread and the sandwich. Read More