Honey Roasted Pecan Gift Ideas

If you're looking for a present for almost anyone on your gift-giving list, you can't go wrong with fresh honey roasted pecans. Both salty and sweet, they're sure to satisfy friends, loved ones, and co-workers of all ages.  Pecans, which are native to the Southern United States and Northern Mexico, are known for their crispy texture and buttery taste. The roasted nuts are full of flavor and packed with nutrients such as plenty of protein. Read More 

Creative Ideas For Your Gelato Pints

If you own or run a gelato shop, then a great way to increase revenue is to try selling your gelato in pints, rather than just in bowls—similar to Palazzolo's Artisan Dairy. Many customers will enjoy taking a pint of gelato home to enjoy later. Some will also buy the pints to share with a friend or two just outside the shop—perhaps at a nearby park or community center. But you don't just have to sell basic pints filled with single flavors of gelato. Read More 

5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

Food is the soul of a wedding ceremony. One must be prepared to invest in the wedding reception and engage a professional caterer. Consider asking the following questions when hiring a wedding caterer.   Is the Caterer Available?  Start the engagement by sharing your wedding dates with the caterer and asking if they would be available on your special day. In addition, find out how many other weddings the caterer may be facilitating on a material day. Read More 

The Fundamentals Of Making Homemade Strawberry-Kiwi Jam

If you're a fan of strawberry jam, you're probably used to the commercial products that you find in grocery stores and such. For those who want a real experience, you should consider making your own fresh strawberry jam because you can not only sell homemade jams, but you can also adapt the flavor to anything you want it to be. Strawberry-kiwi jam is a popular mixture, and it's easy to make in your own home kitchen. Read More 

Things You Can Make With Juice Concentrate And Puree

If you've been given the opportunity to order from a juice concentrate supplier, you might be wondering what kinds of things you could make from the juice concentrate and puree. While you can certainly make juice from those things, there are many other options for the creative uses of these products. Here's a look at some of the other things that you can make from juice concentrate and juice puree. Read More